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Have you ever wondered how to prepare for a vacation, what to bring to the winter holidays, or on any other kind of trip? Regardless of the type of journey that you are looking to take, a few things take up very little space and are very useful while you are traveling and that is what I plan to do with this vacation guide.

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Instead of ten shirts, twenty pairs of jeans, and twenty pairs of socks, it is enough to take two or three shirts, three pairs of pants / socks, and a little washing powder in the bag. When you arrive at a certain location, fill the sink with water, wash your laundry, and hang it to dry. By doing this, you can travel for months by carrying a backpack only.

vacation guide advises on best clothes

Swiss pocketknife is a very useful tool. It acts as a knife, a can opener, small scissors, and a jigsaw, and who knows what else. It can be incredibly useful in the most unexpected situations.

You can take a small rope with you to dry your clothes. In addition, it can serve to tie a torn backpack or a shoe. IT will be useful in many other situations, especially if you like to hike and stay outdoors.

vacation guide swiss army knife

A small flashlight, best used with some duct tape that is placed on your backpack. Use LED lamps, which consume very little power and can last quite a while. Perhaps you are traveling via train or a bus and it’s pitch black, but you want to read a book or find something in the backpack. You might be in hostel and want to go to the bathroom without turning on the light in the room. You may walk among the ruins of an ancient city, and see a dark tunnel that you irresistibly attracted to;) In all these situations, you will be very sorry if you don’t have a small and powerful flashlight.

vacation guide on led flashlight

Every vacation guide should advice people to take the following – I know many dont but this is my own personal list.

The painkiller (ibuprofen, caffeine-etc.). There is always a chance that you’ll have a toothache in the middle of nowhere, or on a multi-day trip by train through Siberia. Remedy against stomach problems can save you many unpleasant moments.

Depending on where you go, I recommend the following for the travelers:

matches (especially if you go into the wild; they are better than lighter, but must not get wet though),

newspapers (Fire, drying sneakers, wind protection (put them under your shirt),

earplugs (for hotels / trains),

small padlock (to lock backpack as you move through the crowd),

cream or powder (for the sore spots of a long walk),

linen handkerchief (not only for the nose, but also for ligation in the case of infringement),

wet wipes (for cleaning hands without soap and water),Vacation Guide - Darcy Newman

safety pin (attach one to a backpack, who knows when you will need it),

several nylon bags (for different purposes),

needle and thread (for small repairs),

notebook and pencil (there is always a need to write down stuff, like train departure time),

thin raincoat, a small umbrella (who knows will it rain or not),

compass (not only for wandering in the wilderness, but also for getting around the huge cities).

slippers (you may look like a spoiled girl, but at least you will not have to put on your shoes every time you want to go to the toilet, or wade barefoot on dirty shower-cabins)

So that is my advice to every traveler – be prepared and enjoy your traveling. I know I do!

Vacation – A period of travel and relaxation when you take twice the clothes and half the money you need. ~ Author Unknown

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